Please embed Robin's "repitch" plugin into Varispeed as an option

I often practice playing the guitar or learn some riffs by ear along with a song. I know many people do that.
I import the song to Ardour and use varispeed with x42 “repitch” plugin. I can slow down source song a little to practice or learn it.

Something like this:


would make life easier :slight_smile:

The problem is, where would that correction happen? on each track and bus? master-out? monitor-out?

PS. A built-in solution would also have to be perfect; reliable accurate latency and sound somewhat good. The repitch-plugin I hacked does not satisfy either criteria (which is also why it’s not officially released).

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I use TimeStretch. It works splendidly.


Maybe you want to test this:

However, a corrected version is coming from there, which works with an older glibc version, which is still in use with the current AvlinuxMXE version.


Nice plugin, thanks!

Interesting, but for me Graillon still sounds better, even though Graillion doesn’t work in the lower registers that I need.

And the built-in Pitch Shift in Ardour is great, but a bit of a different flavor. Thanks to Robin for pointing me at that: Off-topic: Octave Transposition - #2 by x42

I guess nothing is going to replace my EH Pitchfork yet :stuck_out_tongue: The Guitarix pitch shift sounds good to me as well, but I feel it has a bug somewhere that I have yet to convince the owner :slight_smile: I’m a big brummer fan.

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