Please embed Robin's "repitch" plugin into Varispeed as an option

I often practice playing the guitar or learn some riffs by ear along with a song. I know many people do that.
I import the song to Ardour and use varispeed with x42 “repitch” plugin. I can slow down source song a little to practice or learn it.

Something like this:


would make life easier :slight_smile:

The problem is, where would that correction happen? on each track and bus? master-out? monitor-out?

PS. A built-in solution would also have to be perfect; reliable accurate latency and sound somewhat good. The repitch-plugin I hacked does not satisfy either criteria (which is also why it’s not officially released).

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I use TimeStretch. It works splendidly.


Maybe you want to test this:

However, a corrected version is coming from there, which works with an older glibc version, which is still in use with the current AvlinuxMXE version.

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Nice plugin, thanks!

Interesting, but for me Graillon still sounds better, even though Graillion doesn’t work in the lower registers that I need.

And the built-in Pitch Shift in Ardour is great, but a bit of a different flavor. Thanks to Robin for pointing me at that: Off-topic: Octave Transposition - #2 by x42

I guess nothing is going to replace my EH Pitchfork yet :stuck_out_tongue: The Guitarix pitch shift sounds good to me as well, but I feel it has a bug somewhere that I have yet to convince the owner :slight_smile: I’m a big brummer fan.