Plea for some demo material

After several years work I’ve recently managed to get Ardour working on the Windows platform.

I haven’t yet tackled plugins or midi but in theory, everything else should now be working. I’d be really interested in getting hold of some multitrack sessions to test with. Ideally, I’m looking for sessions that demonstrate Ardour’s functionality (faders going up & down etc) but which don’t use midi or plugins.

If anyone can help with some test material, please leave me a message here.

Let me know if you can’t get any. I have plenty of sessions that utilize plugins, that I might be able to send some over, provided that it isn’t distributed at this point, but it sounds like you want ones that don’t use processing yet, so these aren’t the best option.


Thanks Seablade, I might take you up on that… I expect there’ll be very few sessions around that don’t use any plugins or external effects at all - so what I’m hoping is that if someone’s used just a very simple effect (a reverb, say) they might be able to re-record it to a new clip for me. That way, the effect would still be present without me needing whatever produced it.

Hello! Are you talking about Ardour 2 or 3?

In both cases I can send you some sessions.

Let me know!

Hi Interferon. It’d be Ardour 2 at this stage. Send me an email and we can try to arrange something:-

johne53 [at] tiscali [dot] co [dot] uk