Playlists and comping workflow


Hi, so I was coming back to Pro Tools for a quick session at a friend’s and working with its playlists I remembered how I liked those little arrows for comping.

For anybody wondering what I am talking about min 3:15

I manage with stacked regions mode in Ardour, but maybe I’m missing something that saves me the dragging around for listening? as you can only hear the top region sometimes with that dragging I mess with the sync without noticing, I end up constantly checking the edit menu to see what I have last done.

Can you guys share how do you do your comps? Maybe we can get some ideas from each other : )

(Saam R Sany) #2

Well, instead of dragging you can select which region is the “top” region that’ll play. You right-click on the track and somewhere there’s a menu called “properties” or something that’ll have an option for which region is the region that you want to play or to be “on top”.


I use that menu sometimes, but find the dragging faster, riskier but faster xD