Playing the source midi

Hi all.
I have a keyboard which I use a particular register, a sound, a voice I don’t know how to say. Anyways. once I created a MIDI in, is it still possible to use the keyboard internal sound without having to chose a sound inside Ardour? Otherwise I would be force to see if there’s a sound similar to the one in the keyboard I have to use.
Thank you

I’m not sure that midi+audio will work, that’s specifically intended for use with a plugin that accept both midi and audio data. I once tried using midi+audio for something similar to what you’re doing, because I wanted the midi events sent out to an external sampler, and then wanted to feed the resulting audio back into the same track for further processing, but it didn’t work for me.

Let’s say you’re doing a piano sound on your keyboard. I would suggest having a midi track called “Piano midi”, and then an audio bus or track called “Piano audio”. On the midi track, you can modify the notes after having played them (for example, making the timing more precise, or adjusting the note velocities). On the audio bus or track, you can adjust the audio processing (for example, panning/reverb for stage presence, a phaser or distortion plugin for effects, etc). Whether you choose an audio bus or track depends on what you want to do with the audio; you’ll have to figure out which works best for you.

Another possibility is that if you don’t want to do any further audio processing, you could avoid having to create an additional audio bus or track, and just route the audio from the keyboard directly to your master bus.

Thank you for the input, Michael. I don’t think I’ll have to edit the midi, but I might use also the midi track just in case.
If I understood well, I have to connect the keyboard to the soundcard with both cables, midi and audio, and in Ardour I have to create a Midi+Audio track, right?
In this way, since I’ve never done before, how would it be possible to edit the midi part? Does the track getting recorded as midi even if it’s a midi+audio one?
Thank you again

You’ll probably want a midi track for the midi data and an audio bus or track for the audio from the keyboard, unless you want to route it directly to your master bus. Here’s a possible routing scheme:

Keyboard midi out => midi track => Keyboard midi in
Keyboard audio out (headphone jack) => audio track => master bus

If you aren’t going to be editing the midi, then you could skip the first part of that routing, and just record the audio from the keyboard

Hi ana and thank you for your answer. Yes, I was thinking about it. The Fast Track has the S/PIDF ins and outs, I should try with that.

I forgot one thing: when connecting the keyboard via MIDI and S/PDIF cables to the soundcard, the track in Ardour must be MIDI, right?

If you are using a midi keyboard with built in sounds, you have two options. Use it as a regular midi controller and ignore the onboard voices OR use the built in voices but then you also need to connect the autio outputs from the keyboard to the soundcard to be able to record the audio (or sound/voices you selected)

Or you can rec the MIDI from your keyboard in an Ardour MIDI track, and then connect the MIDI out of this track (thru the soundcard) to your keyboard input to hear its internal sound when press play in Ardour. Optionally, you can rec your keyboard sound as told by ahellquist. HTH,

Thank you guys

Hi guys. I get back to this topic because I need the sound the is in my keyboard; the problem is it doesn’t have any audio in nor out so I can only connect it to the soundcard via MIDI.
There is the OUT for the headphone but I don’t know if I can use that exit to connect a cable that would go to the soundcard, I don’t even know if it would work.

Yes, you can use the headphone jack if that’s the only audio output. You’ll need to make or find an adapter cable. The headphone jack is stereo: tip = left, ring = right and sleeve = ground (common). You can use just the left channel and ground, for example.
Maybe simplest to try: if you have a jack input to your sound card, use a mono jack-jack cable like a guitar cable. It will short the headphone right channel to ground, but in practice that’s unlikely to damage anything.
A ‘Y’ cable of the sort used in the “insert” jack on an analog mixer would also do the trick.

In the end I did it as you said before. I connected two cables, midi and audio to the soundcard, then I created a midi+audio track and recorded. It worked well. The sound seemed a little different than the native I hear in the keyboard, but maybe it was an impression.
There seems to be a connectivity problem though, but I’ll write it in the other topic so not to go OT here.