playing back soundfield recordings


I’m taking very early steps into the world of ambisonics. Saying that, i have managed to jump straight in at the deep end.

I have a load of recordings i collected whilst in Norway using a soundfield st350. The recordings consist of vast open atmospheres, reindeer on the move, moving snow scooters and so on.

I have the opportunity to listen back to the recordings through a D&B 12 point loudspeaker set-up.

I’ve been checking out Ardour and it seems like the right DAW for my ambisonic explorations. If i was to purchase Ardour, what else would i need to be able to listen back to the B-Format recordings?

I also have a TC-Electronic Konnekt 48 with 12 ins and outs. I do have Nuendo 4 but it seems to only work with presets of 5.1 etc.

Ardour seems to be more flexible…

Kind Regards,

Ardour is indeed quite well suited to ambisonics, and I have a tutorial on using it. Alas, only in paper form right now, but I’ve been wanting to re-type it up, and I’ll try to use your posting as another motivatin to do so. You will also need to download Fons Adriensen’s B-format plugins and his ambdec decoder. Google will find them for you.

Hi Paul,

Great thanks. I’ll check out ambdec and Fons Adriensen’s plugs.

Look forward to your tutorial!


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