Playhead to next/previous bar

Hi friends!

macOS Sonoma 14.2.1, Ardour 8.4

I need two keybinds:

  • Playhead to next bar
  • Playhead to previous bar

In Keyboard shortcuts dialog, there are two keybinds:

  • Playhead to next grid: →
  • Playhead to previous grid: ←

When Grid mode valor is 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, etc., the Playhead jumps perfectly. Buy, if Grid mode is Bar, Playhead does not jump.

How can I make the playhead jump to the previous and next bar?

Thank you so much

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Seems like a bug then, can you report it at Sad to say you will have to sign up for a different account as it isn’t tied to here at this time but otherwise it may get lost on the forums here. Thanks!


Hello Seablade, thanks for your quick response

Just one more thing: I have tested in Ubuntu Studio 23.04, with Ardor 7.5, and also in Ubuntu Studio 24.04 beta with Ardor 8.2, and it happens exactly the same.
Maybe it’s not a bug and this is the expected behavior?

Thank you very much again

You currently cannot. It is a long-standing bug. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Ok, Robin. Thanks for such a clear answer.

I think that if it is a known bug, I do not have to report it at
It’s right?

Thank you so much, and congratulations on your fabulous DAW

Yeah, no need to report it again.

The issue is rather specific, if the playhead is between two bars the action “Playhead to Pref/Next Grid” locates to the prev/next bar. … and then gets stuck there.


Thank you again

… and I’ve just fixed that in Ardour 8.4.46 available from


Great! It’s wonderful news :wink: