Playback while scrubbing

I want ardour to play sound while I’m dragging cursor through timeline (just like in animation packages like Maya or Lightwave). Is it possible? I’ve searched for it for a while, but I haven’t found it.

@tomekp: ardour can do this, but i cannot in all honesty recommend it. If you want to try it out, change the mouse mode to audition (the little speaker) and start dragging. its not very good. there are lots of reasons why, and me explaining them will only burn up time that could, one day, be used to fix it.

Frankly, my own personal opinion, based on that of others, is that scrubbing is an overrated technique that doesn’t have as much relevance with digital audio. Obviously, your mileage may vary.

Scrubbing is not overrated!

I just turned my back on pro tools these days, so I´m new here and a complete freshman in terms of ardor to be honest. But the fist thing I tried on ardour was actually the scrubbing function since I have to miss it now on pt. As I said it was just the other days that I had a first look onto ardour and not having read the floss manual yet I was kind of lost. I studied the manual today but still didn´t find anything about scrubbing, now I did thanks to this forum.
The thing is: the only audio work I do is voicing stuff, so scrubbing is THE important tool for me personally. So what happend since this thread started/ended in 2010? Anything useful for me to know and consider?

Thanks a lot!

I’m super novice to Adour.
I would love to say that I understand your comment, though when I look at the interface nothing you have written makes sense to me.

Do you know Light shot?
Can you speak with picture?

I’m an animator so we scrub timelines everyday; to animate or dub too. The hard and fast rule is Audio hits two frame before the sync.

I can read wave forms though scrubbing is incredibly handy unless you are willing share some mystical way.

Every bit of help would be great. 1 day in and I am noticing a lot of the hotkeys don’t work on windows as well.

Not trying to be rude, but you realize you are responding to a thread that is nearly a decade old, Ardour is VASTLY different than it was a decade ago, including a decade ago there was no video timeline in Ardour, so you are responding with a workflow that wasn’t even possible in the same way it was now.


Another visiting archaeologist comes to this ancient thread! I use Ardour with Blender through Jack-transport. Scrubbing while going forwards and backwards on a frame is at least “very useful” to sync sounds and queues and voices, etc. I know a long time has passed so maybe there’s now a scrub that allows us to go frame by frame and hear the audio chunk in Ardour?