Playback skipping silence (without deleting them)

I am recording spoken word with significant silent parts. For proof-hearing the text, I would like to have it played back but skipping silence, without removing the silence really - it should be present in the exported track. Is there such a functionality baked into Ardour? Can be a simple lua script as well (I am experienced in programming but less so in Ardour), or a silence-detect plugin I can put on master and easily switch on/off which will also make time passage skip those silent parts. Thanks for suggestions!

There is a feature to “strip silence”, but not “skip over silence”.

One built in way is to use Transport > Playhead > Move to next transient (ctrl + right-arrow) on selected regions, but you have to do this manually to skip over silent parts.

You could indeed write a Lua DSP plugin to locate (find_next_transient, Session:request_locate) when there is [near] silence passing though the plugin, but I expect it will be a bit cumbersome. – Doing this properly will require to first analyze the session and find silent parts, then use this information while playing.

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Thanks a lot, Move to next transient works good, along with enabling Preferences > Metering > Enable automatic analysis of audio, as it kindly suggested :slight_smile:

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