Playback on Apogee Duet

Can somebody please tell me if it is possible to get a stereo signal from your Apogee Duet Interface headphone port? My software is up to date. My interface is (supposedly) brand new from GUITAR CENTER, and I only receive the signal in the left channel during playback. It is not my headphones because i receive stereo through the built in headphone jack from the CPU. I don’t know what else to do. I’ve tried calling Apogee and can’t get anyone to answer from the customer support line via telephone. Please HELP!

Yes it is absolutely possible, I get it all the time.

Do you get stereo audio from anything on OS X? If not I would say you have a problem in your interface and to take it back. If it is just Ardour you are having problems with, then your issue is likely with routing in Jack.


Yes, I get stereo audio from everything except the APOGEE INTERFACE. The built in line outs give me stereo playback. But the interface doesn’t.

Yea I would take it back. Get a new one.

For the record I didn’t have any problem getting Apogee on the phone when one of my pres in my Duet died, got them on the phone, and then they got Sweetwater on the phone where I bought it from and we arranged a repair pretty quickly.