Playback Multiple MIDI Tracks

Hi folks!
I’m an absolute newbie to DAWs and I’m trying to record some simple music using my MIDI Keyboard and Ardour.

Simple problem: I record a melody track (MIDI), works fine. Playback plays me my track. Then I add a new MIDI track (different instrument) to record chords underneath the melody. So far so good. Then I want to playback both tracks to hear them together - doesn’t work! Ardour only plays the melody track, nothing else. I can’t get Ardoud to playback the chords at all. Muting the melody or having the chord track be “solo” doesn’t help.

What am I missing? How can I playback multiple MIDI tracks at once to hear my composition?


The first thing I would check would be my channel assignments on each MIDI track and how their outputs are being routed. You’ll need to ensure that each is assigned to a MIDI playback device (internal or external) that can accept that channel (1 through 16, or perhaps omni).

If you’re only hearing one of your two MIDI tracks - and remember that MIDI doesn’t make sound but it sends raw data to some kind of device that accepts that data and creates audio sound in response - it’s very likely a MIDI channel assignment.

Best wishes!

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Thanks! Indeed it had something to do with the out routing, your comment brought me to the right setting and I’m now able to record and listen back without an issue.

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Excellent - glad to know it got you aimed in the right direction. :+1:

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