"Play to" and "Play from" - is it possible in Ardour?

Roland’s VS* standalone recorders have “Play to” and “Play from” functions, where you can play a predefined period before or after the play position, without changing the play position after that. Is something like that possible in Ardour? I could not find anything similar but I might be missing something. This function gets handy when trying to find an exact position for splitting the region, adding automation points, etc.


This is often called “pre roll” and “post roll”. You can get the same functionality in Ardour, but it looks a little different.

If you want to separate the playhead from editing, then switch your “edit point” to either Mouse or Marker. Using Marker mode, you can move the marker to find just the right edit point, while the playhead start point is unaffected.

I hope this helps,

Thanks Ben. I have to try this.