Play MIDI note/chord on click and/or drag?

When working on the piano roll, I would like to be able to preview a note or chord by clicking it. Also, when dragging a note on the piano roll, it would be nice to hear the note before choosing where to ‘drop’ it. This would be like directly manipulating the music, as I could both see and hear the notes. Is there a setting or shortcut that I am overlooking?

How can I preview notes/chords when clicking and/or dragging?


Sound MIDI notes as they are selected in the editor must be activated.

(Be careful to select few notes simultaneously - it can make overload. Look the feature request:

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Too bad there’s no exact “sound one note when clicked” feature. The workaround is rather inconvenient: must either always remember not to select too much (which is a severe limitation) or only ever enable the option temporarily.

Date Submitted: 2016-12-19… :frowning:
The MIDI editor is apparently orphaned. Pity. This great DAW deserves decent MIDI editor.

It is not orphaned. Not at all.

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