Play loop while recording new track?


Found a tasty lick and want to loop it through most of the song. Figured out how to create and name the loop, but now I can’t figure out how to play it while recording another track over it. I guess it’s in the mixer settings somewhere, but where?

Seems like kind of a silly question, but I’m stuck.


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Thanks a lot, Paul. Basically, I have to make sure the “loop” is exactly what I want it to be, then duplicate it for as many instances as needed. Had actually thought of that but thought there might be a way that would allow clean editing of the loop after adding the other tracks.

P.S. – Have been wearing my Ardour shirt while performing (various little gigs around NYC) and talking it up. Can’t afford to subscribe 'til my income stabilizes but will get around to it. Don’t know much about audio engineering but this program is a great platform for learning. Thanks!

well, first of all, ardour isn’t ableton live, and so there is no “convenient” method of doing this. and no, it wouldn’t be in the mixer settings - the mixer is there to control signal flow (gain control, plugin processing, panning, solo, mute etc.), its not there to control what actually gets played.

the simplest way for you to do this is to trim that track down so that it contains a single region of the lick you want. right click on the region and select “Duplicate”. if you are using ardour2, you will run into a problem that the dialog is missing a counter (i am just about to fix that), so you can get only a single repeat. otherwise, set the duplication count to some number, click OK, and the region will be pasted in over and over. this is not looping - if you change anything about the first instance of the region, it won’t change the rest.

post version 3.0, or maybe even before, Ardour might begin to acquire a few of Live’s “looping” features.

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I don’t know if this defeats the object of what you’re trying to do, but couldn’t you use some other software connected to JACK to loop the first clip, while recording the second into Ardour?

There are certainly tools to do this on Linux; I don’t know if any on OS X will be able to use JACK though.

There’s sooperlooper, kluppe, and freewheeling that will handle loops. All are jack apps, but I think freewheeling is the only one that will sync to the jack transport though.

Unfortunately, fweelin’ was a casualty of upgrading to FC6 – it doesn’t even work in my old FC5 kernel anymore. It’s a great little program. Sure I miss it.

Paul’s solution works. It’s not ideal, but it works.

BTW, if anybody’s interested, here’s the outcome of doing it that way. Will add some scratches and maybe some subtle percussion, but I’m pretty pleased with it as-is.

perhaps another possibility, which i would prefer, is to use seq24 driving specimen.

than you can easily sync to jack!


Rosegarden supports this functionality (you certainly can loop tracks and I am pretty sure you can record at the same time)… and works with jack transport.
The latest version also supports stretching

Currently investigating the lastest Muse…