Play/Export LADSPA Plugins

this might sound a little weird, but I have problems to play/export tracks with enabled plugins.

Clicking the “go-to-start-button” and the play-button only plays the tracks without plugins.
Stopping and restarting the playback (without going to the start) works fine. The playbackproblem is not this bad (because of the stop-start option).

Exporting does only work for the non-plugins-tracks.
All (plugin-tracks and non-plugins-tracks) are routed to “Master-out”.

Disabling the plugins works fine, too.

Does anyone know a solution for this strange problem ?


Ardour 2.3 (Ubuntustudio)

After various hours of searching I found this:
(Sorry, some of you may think that I didn’t search at first, but my keywords for the search were different - because I didn’t had a noise).

I seems that this problem is caused by the TAP Equalizer/BW plugin I used - after deactivating it the track is plays and is exported.

I really like this eq plugin, but I’m sure I’ll find somthing similar.

Hope that this may save you some time.


I’ve had problems with that plugin as well. I also would like to use the 3 band parametric with shelves, but it flips out on me as well.

I wrote an Email to Tom Szilagyi, the author of the TAP plugins. He told me, that this problem is known, but not solved at the moment.

Greetings, Marian

I’d also suggest staying away from the “Caps: EQ 10-Band Analogue Equalizer.” I find the “Steve Harris Multiband EQ” to be the most stable.