Plasma global Menu and Ardour error (temporarily solved)

Hi, I want to report an error but I cannot login or register

I am using KDE Neon and when I enable “global menu” ardor5 or ardour6 does not start

(ardour-5.12.0:4332): Gtk-WARNING **: 20:20:14.113: Imposible encontrar el motor de temas en la ruta al _modulo: «adwaita»,
ardour: [INFO]: Loading ui configuration file /usr/local/etc/ardour5/clearlooks.rc
ardour: [INFO]: Loading ui configuration file /usr/local/etc/ardour5/clearlooks.rc
Found nothing along /home/cristian/.config/ardour5/templates:/usr/local/share/ardour5/templates
run dialog
Violación de segmento

Sorry my bad english

segmentation fault…

Also please report this on the forum is not suitable for keeping track of bugs. Thanks.

Hi X42
duplicate bug then, sorry I could not login or register in bug tracker

Temporary solution

Install dconf-editor

open dconf-editor and search


modify to
`[‘anjuta’, ‘freeciv’, ‘freeciv-gtk2’, ‘freeciv-gtk3’, ‘glade’, ‘gwyddion’, ‘ardour-5.12.0’]

(or corresponding Ardour version)

Run Ardour and enjoy

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