Plagiat - Viktor Huguau en Françafrik [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Plagiat’s third video clip is out, a genuine tiny desk concert in live conditions ! As usual, made with free softwares only and released under the copyleft license CC4.0-BY-SA.

List of softwares


  • Debian

Video editing:

  • kdenlive

  • frei0r plugins

Virtual instruments:

  • zynaddsubfx

Mixing and mastering:

  • jackd + alsa + hdsptools

  • ardour5

  • calf plugins

  • x42-fat autotune

  • zita-reverb

  • invada plugins

  • C* scape delay

  • bitrot tapestopand slicer

  • swh plugins

  • caps plugins

Audio sources

Video sources