Plagiat - Snapchat Au Harem [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Yo! Plagiat’s first official video clip just got released! It has been made with free softwares only and is released under the copyleft license CC4.0-BY-SA.

Used softwares:

Audio :

  • Ardour 5
  • Plugins Zita, Calf, Tap, caps (C* Audio Plugin Suite), swh (Steve Harris LADSPA plugins)
  • Autotuner x42-fat1
  • ZynAddSubFx
  • Calf Jack Host

Video :

  • Kdenlive
  • Gimp

Not quite my genre, but I must say that the mix is very well done and there are lots of interesting sounds used there. Quite imaginative :slight_smile:

Great sounds! The drums and bass - are real or you use plugins/loops (which plugins)? Interesting music!

Thank you ! Drum and bass are real but went through a lot of editing and processing. It’s worth noting that :

  • the drumset was kind of cheap and recorded in a slightly noisy room, this prompted us to go the (audio) degrading way
  • we tried a “human loop” approach: we played the different materials in loops and cherry picked relevant ideas at editing time

I’ll upload the ardour session/sources when I get my hands on it and post it here.

Thanks!/ Cool! Gated drums with bass at the end of the composition - really inserts. Good luck to you guys!