Pitchshifting in imported WAV file.

Hello everybody!

Sorry if this was asked before.

For some reason I’m getting my wav files pitchshifted at about -1.1x of speed after the export operation. :\

I’ve tried various sample formats, I’ve changed sync sources, no luck so far. What is the reason? I’m obviously missing something simple.

Ardour 2.8.2, rev 5396. on i386, FreeBSD8.

44100 / 48000 = approx 0.9 …

@linux Can you elaborate on this some?

Well I was hinting that if its pitch shifted then there is some sort of sample rate related problem and it just so happens that the ratio of 44.1 to 48K fits quite well with the amount of pitch shift (if I’ve read it correctly) the kind of thing that might happen if a 44.1KHz file was being played at 48K? Is there a soundblaster card involved at all?