pitch shifting?


“time stretching” works fine in ardour 2.0.5 on ubuntu 7.04…

How about the other basic function:
“pitch shifting”?

Do I have to do it elsewhere - in another application? Or bye using a plug-in?

Somewhere in diverse tutorials is a “F6”-key mentioned for doing it on ranges or regions… but choosing “F6” does nothing for me so far I tryed.

I would be thankfull for a tip or link to good advice, can´t work on anything without pitch shifting… ;(

Thanks a lot,

2.0.5 is just incredibly OLD at this point.

2.3 and now 2.4 contain pitch-shifting for regions.

A warning though: pitch shifting and transposing for trimmed regions is broken right now, but Chris Cannam is working on a solution inside rubberband (the library used for pitch shifting in Ardour)