Pitch shifting entire track?

Hey guys, been using Ardour for a few years, but not too active with it. I’m trying to pitch shift a couple of different recordings through the edit feature (all on the same project, and on the same track). Some of them work, but some of them don’t do anything. When I try to play them, there’s complete silence, unless I close and reopen Ardour. Before I looked to report it as a bug, I just wanted to see if this is a common issue with easy get around, or if there’s an even easier way for me to pitch shift the entire track?

Use a plugin, there are quite a few available.

Edit / pitch shift on selections always worked for me

The problem with using the in built pitch shift is it’s destructive, in the sense that it generates entirely new audio files with the pitch change applied. This makes it harder to make changes later and is a waste of harddrive space - with some projects this can be several GB if you’re adjusting an entire track.

Using a plugin is non-destructive, doesn’t use any extra HDD, and can be freely edited at any time.

Not quite. The original audio file is not removed and any further time-stretches use the original file. Nothing is lost, but as you said, it requires some additional disk-space.

However, since context is available the time-stretching quality is higher. There can be an analysis step before processing. A plugin running in realtime, processing chunks without access to the complete file cannot do that. A plugin also introduces extra latency and adds DSP load. – I’d rather waste a bit more disk-space that is the cheaper resources. YMMV.


Is that true even after the region has been split, or combined with other regions?

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Yes, it is.

Time stretching happens at source level, independent of regions using the source.

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