pitch shifting a selected region of a track and "printing" to another track

I recently watched a video tutorial where the mixer selected part of a track, used a plugin to alter pitch up a few cents, and “printed” the output to another track. The pitch shifter plugin auditioned the effect on the selected aprt of the track, and the processing was not done in “real-time”. He was using protools and a stock pitch-shifting plugin.
Is this possible in Ardour using a plugin?

Ardour is entirely realtime in 99% of it’s operations. There is a time stretch operation that can shift pitch along with time, that is not realtime, and limited others (Rhythm Ferret, etc.) but the vast majority, and especially any plugin processing is realtime. There are a few realtime pitch shifting plugins that are out there, but otherwise I would be using other software for destructive/offline processing like you describe.


Thanks for your reply seablade. I will look into the included time stretch/pitch shifter function.