Pitch Shift Request

Changing the speed by semitones. . . Exactly what I’m looking for, in Ardour. Can this happen? I.e. Pitch Shift with, say, a check box added: “no time stretch”. All that goes with it… I would love it.

Best done through plugins. Pitch shift plugins are common for this purpose.


Which exact plugin does this? A wild-goose chase might ensue with poor instructions. I have yet to find an Ardour-compatible plugin that does what this thread is about. There are workarounds, sure, but that pitch-shift utility in Ardour is right there for a good reason.

If you don’t understand the requirement, please don’t comment.

i’d also love to bind + and - shortcut to re-pitch (without any stretch) shift selected region semitone up/down
(i’m used to acid pro default keybinding for this) :slight_smile:

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So first things first, split this topic into it’s own thread since the old thread was 9 years old.


Well without stating more about your requirements it is hard to give a suggestion. For instance what OS are you on? Ie. Soundshifter Pitch from Waves is an option on Mac and Windows that does this.

Here is a video that has several plugins in general that should work with Ardour that do this for instance, but depends on your OS:


EDIT: More than possible I am not understanding your use case by the way, since you say ‘Changing speed by semitone’ which is a secondary affect of changing the speed, but then you specifically mention ‘Pitch Shift’ with a checkbox for no time stretch’ which is what I am linking you to above.

When talking about time stretching, that is better done via a destructive process I will agree and agree that it is not best done by pitch shifting.


Well, splitting the earlier topic was a rash move, for sure. I wish the speedygonzales’ing on this site would stop. My question was in relation to Linux plugins in the context of that original thread. Rash actions often lead to dead-ends… :v: :hearts:

Exactly, dspasic. Typical DAW actions, there, with free choice for the user. I, too, came up in an era, where rawboticized features in audio software didn’t hinder simple edits.

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