Pitch Plugin problem

Hello evryone, i’m new ardour’s user, so i have a little problem, but for me it’s giant problem:
Whe i apply all plugin available, to change pitch of my recordings, the resulting sound it’s a little bit tinny, and i can’t fix this bug. So, are there anyone that can help me? And there is other plugin with i can resolv this problem?
Thanks in advance

You haven’t mentioned the names of any of the plugins you’ve tried to use, or how you tried to use them, or why you’re trying to change the pitch, or by how much … or even what platform you’re on …

Oh yes you’re right. I use Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, i’m trying to change my vocal recording for a web radio program. I used TAP Pitch Shifter, autotalent, AM pitchshifter, Pitch Scaler, Higer Quality Pitcher Scaler, but the result is always the same…

I’m getting a sound recording with pitch shift but tinny…

How much are you trying to shift the pitch by? Constant shift? Variable over time?

Sorry but I’m new ardour’s user so i didn’t understand what you mean Constant shift or Variable over time… I tried to change semitone value to -1,732…
Sorry for my englesh

Pitch shifting is not a simple operation - many pitch shifting plugins simply don’t sound that good, especially with large shifts or bad settings.

So is there a solution for this problem?? Whatsapp can i I do in this case? Thank’ in advance

“i’m trying to change my vocal recording for a web radio program.” (rikithz93)

Sorry, I still don’t know what you are trying to achive.
I can imagine you want to do:

a) some sort of pitch compensation due to a sample rate conversion, - to comply to a given amount of air time.
b) pitch your singing voice to a specific key of a musical tune.
c) change the key of your regular speaking voice, to give it, let us say, more gravitas…

For me, almost 2 Semitones is so big of a shift that I see it as a timbral morphing process, in which the quality of the original sound becomes a new one. Downsides are: you will notice when the voice, or instrument touches the outer limits of its range. (Spoken voice is worse to correct than singing voice because its much more dynamic pitchwise.) In the some cases velocity and pitch will start to mismatch and sound unnatural. I also tried to pitch a ,rapping" voice with melodyne, which is the most powerful pitchingtool I know of. However, their formant correction tool is not always satisfying, let lone all the artifacts and T-Pain effect you get, when you do meticulous editing. It usually get’s worse the more you do. When listening to the results in the end, I often get a similar feeling, when having slapped a good reverb onto a sampled violinphrase: It sounds much better, but still unnatural, fake and embarassing.
So just before you read on, and in favour for your lifetime: this might be the best that you will end up with, even if you try the best with your recorded material.

Therefore my suggestions:
for case a) Pick the range as long as possible, maybe even 10, 15 or 30 Minutes to pitchcorrect as little as possible.
For case b) rerecord everything from scratch, or try to pitch up the music a little and reach a compromise. (usually you hear less “tinny” artifacts when pitching stuff upwards)
For c) let someone else speak, and or rerecord everything into a large diaphragm Microphone, also try to use a multiband compressor and a little eqing. Be careful even with an EQ it is easy to sound strange on tape. And with to much multiband compression you can sound like two different persons. Hear what your voice is meant to do and go by that.

I’ve another question, I use the pc internal microphone to record my voice, so can be the microphone’s low quality a cause of tiny sound?

“tinny sound”

Short version…

“Hell yes.” *

If that is what you are trying to fix, then you are barking up the wrong tree with pitch shifting. You want EQ, but really you want a better recording toolchain most likely. Internal mics on computers are effectively useless for this. You would be better off with almost anything else.

    • There is a VERY slight chance (.1% or thereabouts) that this isn’t the cause of your problem but chances are it is. If what you are hearing is your voice is to tinny and you are using the internal mic on a computer, I would be amazed if anyone didn’t tell you to get a better recording toolchain.

Hi guys i finaly solved my pitch problem. Particulary i used three plug-in to remove tinny sound from my records, they’re Calf EQ 12 band, Invada Filter Lowpass, end to do a correct pitch shift i used Autotalent.
Thankyou for your support!!! :wink: