Pitch bend ranges in tracks and virtual instruments

Are pitch bend ranges built in to virtual instruments such as the x42 general midi synth?
Is there a way to modify them, either for the whole plugin or per patch?
Many thanks

For General-Midi Synth, and Ardour’s ACE Fluidsynth the soundfont (.sf2 file) defines the range for each instrument/patch. The only way to change it there is to edit the soundfont.

Thanks Robin. That sounds a bit hard for me!
On a similar note, am I right thinking that the only way to add pitch bend information is with the controller on a synth or other extrernal controller and not with a mouse? And is there a reason why the pitch bend happens in discreet steps, so for instance it is not possible to get a ramp by defining three points on a line, as works in other types of automation?

I’m not at my computer right now, but I think you can right-click on the left part of the automation track (the area where the fader is in the editor window, whatever that part is called) and change the mode from discrete to linear or whatever the other option is and edit it normally.

thanks very much i will give it a try

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