Pitch bend Fluidsynth (or ZynAddSubFx) by 2 octaves, not just one semitone

Hello together.

I want to bend a midi note in Ardour 7.2 by more than the default semitone up or down.
I know about the pitch bend automation and it works well. But only for one semitone.
How can i tell Calf Fluidsynth (or ZynAddSubFx) to bend 2 octaves?


Not having any luck with zyn-fusion or fluidsynth, but loaded up Yoshimi, which used to be like zyn, and you adjust the controller (within Yoshimi) to be whatever you want. I had no difficulty putting a bender automation lane which did 2 8ve up or down. So it seems this is synth-dependent, IMO.

Oh, yes!
Yoshimi has the feature I was looking for: Clicking on “Controllers” brings up a dialog with the desired PitchWhellRange :slight_smile:
Thank you very much,

pitch-bend range is not defined by the MIDI standard, although in most cases it is a whole tone (2 semitones). With fluidsynth (sf2) the instrument can define the range.

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