Pipewire jack latest update ardour crash

There seems to be an issue with the latest pipewire update, using kubuntu, and the pipewire 3.55 update seems to have completely broken ardour, crashes on startup if jack is used (pw-jack). also or pulseaudio will allow it to start but any sound played back is terrible, crackling. Any ideas anyone?

This is a Pipewire issue rather than an Ardour issue I suspect.

Yes, it appears that the latest version may have broken the “please give me the audio device” mechanism. I just installed 0.3.55 from the Fedora testing repository, and now Ardour can no longer start the ALSA backend. It displays the “Failed to open audio device” error dialog box.
Attempting to start jackd also fails, and jackd reports that pipewire is using the audio device.

I just created a Gitlab issue in the pipewire project so that the developers will take a look.
Just to be clear, the issue I created was for not handing over the device when requested, which may or may not be related to the pw-jack issue. Probably is not in fact, but I am still using jackd, so I cannot easily check the pw-jack problem and create an issue report for that.

Yes, I came to the same conclusion an also created a gitlab issue on pipewire.

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Thank you for the warning, I’m on 0.3.53 right now and it’s good to know not to updade pipewire until this bug is fixed.

I got confirmation from the developer that the problem of not releasing the audio device is actually a wireplumber problem, not pipewire. Wireplumber is the connection manager for pipewire, so presumably always gets installed with pipewire.
The 0.4.11 wireplumber update came out with or around the same time as the latest pipewire, but I don’t think they are tied together, so I think there will be a 0.4.12 wireplumber update without needing a pipewire update.

[EDIT] I just confirmed that downgrading to wireplumber 0.4.9 corrects the problem of pipewire not releasing the audio device when requested.

ok, hopefully this gets corrected in an update soon

Do you have a link to the issue number? I thought I found it previously, but I can no longer find it (possibly closed as duplicate, because I do see issues about Bitwig and Reaper crashing).

The issue I submitted was moved to the wireplumber project:
wireplumber 0.4.11 breaks device request (not the issue title on Gitlab, but more accurate)

We decided to close it for now as I got pipewire from a PPA and they think the correction they made will fix the issue. Waiting on update to make sure.

Thanks for the help, guys. How do downgrade wireplumber? Do I have to remove Pipewire or I can just work on Wireplumber? So I’ll give it a try

I can confirm that my issue was fixed with the lastest update from the debian-upstream of pipewire. Maybe do an update and see?

You can downgrade wireplumber independently of pipewire.
I may have confused the issue by bringing up an unrelated bug in this post. There are two separate errors, one in pipewire, one in wireplumber, so you need to be clear on which error you need fixed to determine which component to change.

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