Pipe output of jack_cpu_load through sed

In the shell, when I pipe jack_cpu_load through sed, or cut, no matter what options I use it stops printing just before the lines I want to see.

jack_cpu_load | sed -n 8p will print:
Jack: JackClient::kActivateClient name = jack_cpu_load ref = 4

The very next line should read something like jack DSP load 0.294772 which is what I’m looking for, but when I run jack_cpu_load | sed -n 9p which should print that line, there is nothing. Just a cursor, until I hit Ctrl+C and kill it.

I’m trying to hack together something for conky that will let me see the dsp load at a glance in my status bar.

Terminal Output:

tony@hydra ~ $ jack_cpu_load | sed -n 8p
Jack: JackClient::kActivateClient name = jack_cpu_load ref = 4
And for this:

tony@hydra ~ $ jack_cpu_load | sed -n 9p
There’s nothing.

The output for strace -f jack_cpu_load http://justpaste.it/e7st

Oh! I got it. Well, someone from stackexchange figured it out for me. :slight_smile:

Then it can only be a buffering issue. Try stdbuf -i0 -o0 -e0 jack_cpu_load | sed -n 9p