Pipe organ VST? (linux)

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I am looking for a free VST of a pipe organ for Ardour on Linux, with the console and the registers to be set. I’ve never been able to get one to work.

Ardour: 6.9.0
OS: Ubuntu 18.04

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Does it have to be a plugin? Aeolus is available, but I think just as a stand alone JACK application.
Aeolus page

aeolus is great. you can run aeolus inside carla inside ardour (when you want to keep it all in ardour). it gives you a full console…

(Fons Adriaensen announced with v0.10.1 that an even more realistic emulation of a pipe organ with chiff is in the pipeline.)

(sometime somewhere on github i saw a plugin version of aeolus, that i did not try. the description seemed to hint to deficits compared to the original aeolus.)

The plugin version is here: GitHub - Archie3d/aeolus_plugin: Pipe organ synthesizer (VST plugin), the author seems to be interested in porting it to VST and running on Windows mainly, not in the LV2 version obtained as side effect of using DPF…

It’s based on Distrho/DPF framework, but LV2 plugin doesn’t work for me currently. VST3 seems to work well in self compiled Ardour 7.0-pre (except my distro package installs to a non standard path /usr/lib64/vst3, so I moved that to /usr/lib/vst3 and it appeared in Ardour after a subsequent scan).

i just compiled the Archie3d/aeolus_plugin to standalone, lv2 and vst3. it looks nice, its features sound very promising. But with 100% CPU load it impossible for me to use. i really need a more powerful computer.

Aeolus uses very little resources and CPU so there is probably something wrong with your VSTs.

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I installed Aeolus 0.9.5 on Ubuntu 18.04 from Synaptic.
It works fine, playing with my MIDI keyboard I can switch from one manual (organ keyboard) to another simply by changing the MIDI channel. So I record my performance in real time to an Ardour audio track.
It can be interesting to learn how to use the pipe organ registrations, the sound of some registrations is good. But now I’m looking for something even more realistic and versatile.
I don’t think the latest 0.10.1 of Aeolus is available for Ubuntu 18.04, I was curious about what is changed in sound.

EDIT: parallel to the search for an emulator, perhaps would be interesting also to find a VST with console, registrations and real pipe organ audio samples. I’ll be looking for something similar and free for Ardour on Ubuntu.


The latest is 0.10.4, but seems to be mostly bugfixes since 0.9.5:

AEOLUS 0.10.4 RELEASE NOTES 4/5/2022

Bugfixes (Tremulant parameters will work now).

AEOLUS 0.10.1 RELEASE NOTES 4/5/2022

Cleanup, bugfixes.

Instability and release detune parameters
are now stored in the *.ae1 files.

Removed the hold/sustain function on the
pedal. If required this can be done by an
external MIDI processor.

AEOLUS 0.9.9 RELEASE NOTES 18/6/2020


AEOLUS 0.9.8 RELEASE NOTES 7/10/2019

Maintenance release.

AEOLUS 0.9.7 RELEASE NOTES 25/08/2018

Maintenance release.

In this regard I installed GrandOrgue v.3.7.0-1 on my Ubuntu 18.04. It seems a very interesting app.
I set the pipe organ “manuals” in midi objects menu, assigning each one a different MIDI channel.
Now I’m testing these pipe organs in GrandOrgue.
Playing with an external MIDI keyboard, I recorded the performance in real time to an Ardour audio track, it seems to work fine.
Even recording into an Ardour MIDI track works, I have to figure out how to do that MIDI track use the same sounds as GrandOrgue (which obviously are variable during the performance).



I just have to say that ZynAddSubFX > Collection > Great Organ sounds really cool and realistic. And this despite the fact that it is synthesized! I think this is one of the best presets (if not the best) of this synth. If you didn’t know about it, be sure to try it!

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