Pink Floyd at Pompeii style

A couple of months ago we played at a Roman Amphitheatre Pink Floyd songs.

I used Ardour for the mixing, although not a lot of work was done, some compression and some reverb.
Always great and smooth working with it.

Sweet! I remember watching the old Pompeii movie over and over and over…

Though, as names for Pink Floyd cover bands go, you can’t beat “Pink Fraud”!

Really glad you like it :slight_smile:
Thank you!

this is great, the first cover band i ever like!!

Fantastic! Only listened to Echoes so far (one of my very favorite songs), and you guys knocked it out of the amphitheater!

Hi psst

As always I expected this to be a great production from you, and I’m aware of the Pompeii film, but I was totally unprepared for the breadth of this production, really fantastic work! From the flawless performances to the great camera work this is nothing less than phenomenal! You should all take a deep breath and pat yourselves on the back for putting together something so well executed from start to finish.

Totally amazing stuff, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

it’s a trap :slight_smile: I just clicked the link… and it took me 2 hours to resurface.
It’s f’ing amazing. By far the best Pink Floyd Tribute I yet come across and with attention to details in both music and camera movement allusions to the film…
Thanks for sharing and keeping PF alive.

How many tracks was that whole performance in the Ardour Session?

@psst: what did you use for the recording itself?

Thank you so much! It’s really great to read you liked it :slight_smile:

x42, I don’t remember right now, but it’s around 40 tracks (all drums mics, then instruments, vocals and chorus girls, and then the orchestra).

Paul, it was recorded with a hardware device, Avid: Venue S3L-X System.