Pictures >> comment feature

I had a thought, seems simple.

I love the feature in Ardour that let’s me write comments for each track. I can write detailed descriptions of my guitar amp settings, microphones used, etc.

What if the comments feature also included a way to attach image files? I could snap a shot of my setup, then right click the comments window and select “attach” image… Or something like that.

I imagine that the current comments feature is very light weight (and it ain’t broke). So then, what, if any, are the drawbacks to implementing something like this?

Since uses drupal, there is a module called (comment_upload) that would give us that feature…not sure if Paul will upload this module


I believe you misunderstood, kelleydv was talking about adding images to the comment area within Ardour, not on the website;)


@seablade…to the comment field not to the forum article…


You are still confusing the website with the program. IIUC the OP is asking about attaching images to the comment area in the mixer strip of the software Ardour.

The request has nothing to do with the website.


Yes, seablade understands my question and has restated it clearly.

Thoughts, anyone?

Seablade and kelleydv…i truly apologize for completely misunderstanding kelleydv’s question. Seablade thank you for correcting me.


I have some thoughts yes, but haven’t had time to sit down and collect them. It could be good and it could be bad is pretty much the summary;) But I would suggest putting it in Mantis anyways, possibly as a more generic request to allow for pictures to be attached to a track similar to how comments are attached, but it is up to you.


No problem at all.



No prob, dude. Now I know about Drupal!


So… I looked at mantis, and got a little intimidated. I’ll look at it after some sleep. Thanks for the suggestion of making a more generic request, that simplifies it nicely.

I would also like to be able to put pictures on the screen for the mix - even against the tracks (ie: a picture of the guy playing rather than ‘joel’s lead guitar stuff’)