Piano samplers

Has anyone experience getting Ivory, Akoustik Piano, Pianoteq, etc. running via Wine or Ardour?

I’m looking to try out Ubuntu Studio (if not just for the sweet GDM login background alone) in the next few weeks and am wondering if I should even waist my bandwidth on the dl.

Thanks in advance.

There are plenty of soundfont players for linux and lot’s of free soundfonts on the web. You might consider just using those while you audition Ardour/linux.

I’ve switched to Linux now completely, and am finding more and more that I need less and less in terms of win plugins and such. That’s just me, though. Good luck!

Crisis General Midi 3.01

http://www.bismutnetwork.com/ has this soundfont which includes a great piano.
The soundfont is about 1.5GB big, so you can only use it when you have the memory. You have to register for the password to unlock the rar, though. But definitely worth the download time.

Greetings Rob