Piano Roll?

I recently switched over from Windows Vista (yeah, lame, I know) to Ubuntu Linux 7.10.
After being an FL Studio 7 user, I looked for and installed Ardour GTK2 and opened it up.

Everything looks pretty good, I just need to ask:
Is there a piano roll in Ardour?

MIDI recording/playback/editing is part of Ardour 3.0. Because this is open source development, 3.0 is available for testing, but we do not believe that it is close to being ready for release at this point. It should certainly not be available from any Linux software repositories, and thus you would have to build it from source.

My recommendation is that you wait for us to get 3.0 ready for release. Meanwhile, check out Rosegarden, Muse, LMMS - 3 other Linux applications that offer some or all aspects of the piano-roll like interface that I suspect you are looking for.

Yet another option is Seq24, connected to something, ZynAddSubFX, for example, and routed to Ardour.

It should be mentioned that Ardour also syncs to Rosegarden, seq24, and other apps that can utilize an external clock source. I’ve tested MTC and JACK transport with various apps, both work perfectly. I can even sync my ancient DOS sequencer to Ardour’s MTC, it’s a terrific combination.

I look forward to further MIDI support in Ardour, but in the meanwhile the sync options work fine for me.

This Ardour software sounds very good, can someone please post a small explenation on it?

I mean, as a pianist, what can I do with it? Im not a computer genious but I am looking for a good software

where I can convert piano sheets

into midi files and than edit them,

does Ardour is capable for the job?