Piano roll double click zoom extents (possible bug)

I really like the feature where you double click on the MIDI tracks vertical piano rolls scrollbar and it zoom extents based on the height of all the MIDI note present in that MIDI track.
Couldn’t understand what was happening but I noticed that something wasn’t working right.
I think I narrowed it down and was wondering if someone could confirm something to verifiy if this is a possible bug.
If you have a bunch of MIDI notes drawn vertically in piano roll and you double click on the vertical scroll bar the zoom extents seems to work fine.
If you then delete MIDI notes from either the top or the bottom making the height of the MIDI notes less than it was before, then when you perform this double click the zoom extents does not adjust to the new height, it zooms to the previous height when the notes were there before prior to deleting.
Hopefully this makes sense, if not let me know and maybe I can explain better.

Thank You

Also, something else, not really a bug because I think it is just acting the same way as audio tracks.
If you double click on the MIDI tracks vertical virtual piano it ends up changing the track height back to the default height. As mentioned audio tracks also do this when you click in the blank area as well, I think the MIDI tracks are just doing the same thing but can be a little strange because happening on the actual pianos keys. Again not sure if developers would consider this a bug, but just thought I would mention.

Hope all this helps

Agreed, this is a bug and was not intentional behavior (on my part, anyway).

Ah, thank you for confirming this Paul

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