Piano, Cello, Bass for a Video

Another little show-off:

The German city of Heidenheim celebrates 10 years of a park, the Brenzpark. Along with that they asked film makers to create videos for them. Last year I made a piece of music for one of the guys they asked and so it came all together…

This little piece was conceived by my duo partner who also played the piano. Me and myself played double bass balalaika and for the cello we hired somebody. All producing in Ardour, except for he video – of which we had running a preview version in Ardour so that the music would go into the right direction with the clip.

Feel free to ask questions or have comments.


That’s a very moving piece. Well done.

Sehr schön. Ist das Klavier ein Bösendorfer? Lol.
Liebe Deutschland.

The piano is a Kawai MP10. Made me envious, it sounds better than my MP6. I always had thought they’d share the sample engine and the main difference were the wooden keys of the MP10. By the way, the MP10 was recorded via a quite cheap Tascam interface into my very old laptop (Core2Duo) as first tracks, using only headphones as monitors. The rest came on top of that at my place with the Yamaha 01V96i and my more powerful desktop machine.

Recording an acoustic piano is a challenge that I didn’t face yet. But at least I’d know from where to rent the mics for it. Hehe.

Bösendorfer, btw, are from Austria. Bechstein would be quite German, they make very good grand pianos. Or Schimmel, they do so as well. But mostly unaffordable for the average musician. And of course, there are Grotrian-Steinweg still around, whose name not only by accident resembles Steinway quite a lot. They were first. Erm but yeah now I went off-topic quite a bit.