Phisical Console wich supports Ardour / Mixbus complete

sorry i am new to ardour and i was very impressed about mixbus and we want to use it.

I have a easy question. Which digital console supports ardour / mixbus best.
What i mean i see a view home recording setups where the faders are automated but the gain not (cause no midi or motor fader e.t.c.). Well but for professional quick work this is not the way to go i think.

So i wonder if there is a console which can be complete connected to mixbus where i have direct control over all EQ / Gates / Limiter e.t.c. So what i search is a setup where i do not have to touch the mouse to work with a normal mixbus setup. Perhaps i have to if i add plugins. I know. So i want to control at least any option which is available if i start a new mixbus project as hardware (Fader, knobs, mute button , solo, EQ, Limiter, Gate, Compressor). I wonder that even Harrison does not offer a hardware for that. (Hope i am wrong)

May be there is not such a console but which comes close for real quick work. Think of live mixing. Great would be 16 or better 32 channels (4/8 Aux). And perhaps where i can use the digital converters from the desk so that i just need a adat card for my PC or similar digital converter.

Mixbus is a great concept but without direct access over hardware it looses most of the idea.

Sorry for the stupid question.

Thanks for your help


Another question is there a company or engineer who can setup such a “beast” on a ubuntu studio?

I wonder that even Harrison does not offer a hardware for that.

They don’t now but I think I remember reading somewhere that they are working on it.

I don’t like Mixbus but I’d be interested to see what they come up with if they are indeed working on a control surface.