phase invert

In a project with 2 buses for reverb and delay I have most of the tracks going into the buses.I did some vocal takes and when I put sends in the vocal tracks to the effects buses I can’t hear any effects on those tracks unless I click phase invert on one of the stereo channels of the particular track that I’m sending to the bus.Is this not unusual? If I solo the track and the bus I can see the meters moving in the bus strip but I don’t hear the effects unless I invert the phase (left or right) of that track.

If I put a new bus and send that track to it, the effects work without the pase invert. It seems like there’s a limit to how many tracks I can send to the bus without having to do the phase invert.

too many tracks shouldnt all of a sudden cause 1 side to complelty reverse polarity.

check your signal chain, bypas plugins one by one incase something is causing a massive phase shift.

maybe its the plugin, you never mentioned what plugin you are using

if it works with 1 channel POLARITY reversed then at least it works, thats kind of what the polarity reverse is for.

actuallty i just reread and it seems like this might be some wierd kind of bug.

Well it does work with the polarity reversed so not much to complain about.

Oh and the plugins are calf reverb and vintage delay