Phase Correction


I normally use Mixbus 1.5.1 (based upon ArdourI 2.8.11) and have a question about phase correction:

Is there a way in Ardour where one quickly can invert the polarity on a track itself? I’m aware of the polarity switch on the mixer, but a switch for the wave itself is very useful visually when correcting and fine tuning phase problems. The work flow is like this: In a track with phase problems, one use the phase that’s most correct and fine tune by nudging the track in question forward or backward. It’s visually easier to nudge the track to the correct place when it’s almost in phase with the reference track(s) and ups and downs visually goes same direction. I’ll give two real life examples:

  1. When correcting the kick drum (and also other drum items) related to the overhead tracks (which should be the reference): Very often, the drum sounds fatter and better by turning the phase 180 degrees and after that fine tune the phase by nudging the kick drum track a few samples (typically, around max 20 in 44100 do often do the trick).
  2. On stereo (or multi) channel piano tracks where some (and sometimes most of the tones) is slightly out of phase. Here, it's often enough to nudge a track 8-10 samples for fine tuning a phase, but I thing a 180 degree switch may be usable here as well

This makes everything sit much better in a mix and also gives the mix a much better mono compatibility. I hope I have expressed my question clear enough.

Thanks you.

The linuxdsp LV2 pro-Gate plugin has the phase turning functionality you need and can also invert the polarity of the track.

Great! Iv’e tested it, and it works perfect so far, in fact much better that perfect!

I was thinking when I wrote this topic question that “I’m going to be mad if someone suggest a plugin when I’m so clear about what I want and how to do it”, but your suggestion turn so far to be way much better than I thought. Thank you very much!

I slowly begin to realize how fantastic good this LinuxDSP plugins are and really look forward to explore more of them as time goes by.

Again: Thank you very much!

Glad you found it useful, I also found very useful your suggestion of nudging tracks by samples (I was doing it by milliseconds instead) so we both learnt something!

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