Personal monitormix solution for livemonitoring


I use ardour for livemonitoring and have a request for this.

It would be nice to have a tool for the musicians which allows each of them to adjust their personal monitormix.

That could look like following:

The Musician is able to connect to ardour over wifi with an app or webinterface for tablet and mobilephone to adjust all needed instruments and vocals like wished and is able to save this state for future use. Of course FOH should always be able to do this himself too.

The frontend should only show the bus of the musicians mix and all strips who have a send to this bus. (like the when i klick on the sendbutton from the bus strip) Only the faders and the name of the strip should be visible, no FX or other so the frontend stays compact.

The connection should be saved with username and password, maybe also an ssh tunnel or something like this.

Maybe one of you has already a idea for a solution?

Ardour rocks!

best regards

We have plans to make stuff like this much easier inside Ardour itself, but I would not expect it any time soon. If you have a highly multichannel interface already, with enough channels unused, you can ger a significant distance towards this using aux sends and a touchOSC controller.

There are proprietary/commercial solutions that do precisely what you describe (and more) and cost a significant amount of money.

No problem, i can wait for it.
Fine to hear that this feature is planned for future!