persistent soundfonts


Congratulations to the developers of Ardour, Ardour4 is excellent - getting better all the time!

I’ve got a question about soundfonts - when I load a sound font with calf fluidsynth, save the ardour project and quit, its not retained in the plugin when Ardour and the project are restarted. I’ve read that this was a problem in Ardour3 and I know I can use an external player such as qsynth to get around the problem - but is there any way to have an embedded SF player in the new release?

Sorry if this is answered somewhere else.


hi there. You can use the linuxsampler lv2 plugin. It will start a linuxsampler server in the background. You have to use a linuxsampler client like fantasia to add SF2 tracks - but the best bit is that all the linuxsampler settings will be saved and restored with the ardour session.

Just found this video that explains how to use linuxsampler with ardour - its a bit dated but the principle is still the same - hopefully its useful

@surdo, I just tried and cannot reproduce this. using calf-git (0.0.60-18) and ardour4 calf fluidsynth saves and loads its state incl soundfonts just fine.

In any case if you have an issue it’s either with calf itself or with liblilv (the LV2 library ardour uses). Ardour itself is not involved with loading/saving plugin states. it just delegates this (use lilblilv to tell the plugin to save its own state).

Which version of calf are you using? Did you compile ardour yourself (or got it from a distro) or are you using the binary from (which includes recent liblilv)

Thanks for your replies - and sorry, I figured out what was wrong. The soundfonts need to be in a directory in the user’s home directory and no deeper - eg. /home/username/soundfonts

I had them in a deeper directory and they weren’t being reloaded. I was unaware of this. I’m happy though it’s all working! Cheers