Persistent input monitoring

Hey, I just found this software and I’m starting to try it a bit. I had a question. I’m trying to find if there is a way to close individual track inputs and only make them listen when you’re about to record on them. For an example, in Pro Tools, this is done via the Record Button on every Track, which will only listen when the button is pressed, signaling that It’s set to record.

I know all software are different, I’m just trying to see how I can make this fit a little bit more to what I’m used to.


Ardour should do this automatically by default. Monitoring is a very complex area. If you actually want persistent input monitoring, press the “In” button on any mixer strip. I suspect you want something different though, which is what ardour should do by default. Maybe you could describe the difference between the behaviour you see now and what you want…

From what i can tell by your post, it sounds like ‘Tape machine mode’ may be what you’re after.
This enables monitoring of rec-enabled tracks when the transport is stopped.
Non rec-enabled tracks will remain silent.
Go to Preferences->Signal Flow and check ‘Tape machine mode’

An easier way to explain the mode difference is that with Tape machine mode off, the input logic emulates that of an ADAT recorder (!).
Tape machine mode emulates that of a traditional analog tape machine.