"peripherique E/S" changed

Hello all,
Seems like I make a collection of misuse of ardour :slight_smile: Anyway :
I have now a warning message when opening Ardour7.4 in fedora which is (in French) :
“Le périphérique d’E/S du moteur a changé depuis la dernière fois que vous avez ouvert cette session.
Veuillez vérifier que le nouveau périphérique dispose de suffisamment de ports, ou vous risquez de perdre certaines connexions d’E/S.”
An english translation could be something like (E/S peripheral has changed since the last time you opened this session, please verify that the new peripheral has enough ports or you coul loose connexions of E/S".
When I go beyond, it opens my projects but I cannot hear the tracks. Besides, when I opend “Cues”, I can hear cues from “freesounds” normally.
Do you have a clue what I’ve done wrong ?
Thx to all for your patience.

I have this project with 6 ins / 7 outs.
I usually work on it with my MOTU Ultralite sound interface plugged in. Ardour picks it and the routing is as expected.

Sometimes i need to check the project without the MOTU attached, so i have to rely on my internal 2 ins / 2 outs sound interface, thus the routing can’t be set properly, and i get the same error as you do.

What Ardour says is that it sees that you’re using a different sound interface than the last time you saved the project, and thus it could be impossible to set the routing properly. That could explain why you’re not hearing things.

Check if you’re using the same sound interface, same name than the last time, and generally check your routing.

Thanks Baptiste,
I realised my sound interface was not directly in the computer but on a USB hub…It directly recognized everything again.

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