Performance issues


I used ardour 1.0 for quite a while for importing wave-files and playing them back through

Importing was relative fast compared to ardour2

When I try to import several wave files they get converted und regions are getting built
but it lasts very long, and also the progress bar does not increase constantly
it stops suddenly for some seconds before work goes on…

i tried 32bit, 24bit, 16bit option i thought it could have somethign todo with converting 16bit to 32bit…but no noticeable difference…

other programs such as audacity are much much faster importing files…

Now there is also another problem:
when i use jamin with players like xmms or so
my x-window behavior is smooth and fast (jack CPU usage around 25%)

with ardour, window behaviour is very poor:
every few seconds in regular intervals the mouse pointer and GUI update
stops for a while…this gets worse when transport is started
(but jack cpu usage is still between 25-30%)
so i am more or less jumping around on my desktop
also the ardour clock jumps from one value to the next…
playback of the sound is super, plugins work and there are no xruns

i hope that this is not a problem with my system itself that it is too slow in general
i guess i have misconfigured something i cannot find out myself…

here is my setup:

freebob driver with presonus firebox
ardour, jamin and kernel from studio64

jackd started with realtime, 1024bufsize, 3periods, prio 70,duplex

amd64 turion, 512MB ram

would be lovely if someone has a solution

For me Ardour works flawlessly. Could it be that you need more RAM? 512 doesn’t seem like a lot these days, X itself tends to gobble up quite a bit, at least on my systems here. Check and make sure you don’t have a lot of hard disk activity which could indicate too much swapping, if you see that you might want to consider getting another 512 MB of RAM which isn’t too expensive these days.

It might also be worth trying a simpler windowing environment to see if that makes a difference, try using fluxbox for example rather than gnome/kde.

I agree with gashcrumb but I’d recommend openbox because it’s more actively developed. Your kernel (and kernel config) may be playing a part in it too. Are you running an rt patched kernel? I’ve heard (but not experienced) that the rt patchset can cause pretty bad performance under KDE or Gnome.

I’m having a similar problem with Ardour 2. I have FC6 set up with PlanetCCRMA, and for some reason exporting to a .wav file just takes forever. It works just fine, but it’s horribly slow. This is my first time really using Ardour, so I couldn’t say if this is normal behavior, but I highly doubt it should take a half hour to export a 3 minute song to wav. I have a 1.5G cpu and 768MB ddr ram. I’ll try playing around with openbox but I have a good feeling there is something else that is causing this irrational slow down during exporting.

can´t agree to gashcrump and leadghost.
i´m running ardur under debian etch and kubuntu feisty on two different computers, both with no more then 512mb RAM. Also running KDE on both. Complexe arrangements with a lot of synths, hydrogen and rosegarden run as smooth as ardour multitrack sessions. Email app, firefox, k3b sometimes also up and running at the same time.
martin_sukale: i had similar problems when i once set the memory lock too high in the /etc/security/limits.conf

I’m running Arch Linux w/ 2.6.22 rt patched kernel on a 1 ghz processor w/ 768 mb ram. I have the memory lock set to unlimited. I use noatime,nodiratime in fstab. Openbox and minimal services running. For the most part my desktop runs smooth too. Try noatime,nodiratime and maybe even data=writeback options in fstab and see if it improves export times. As always, these are just suggestions :slight_smile:

I found the solution to my problem! Hopefully this will help others as well. The default in Ardour is to record in 32-bit, which my hardware doesn’t even support. But when I export, I convert to either 16 or 24 bit, which apparently takes quite a while. Now I’ve changed my default to record 24 bit, which my hardware does support, and so I just made a template called default. Now exporting is lightning fast! To change the recording bit rate in Ardour, click Options > Audio File Format > Data > 24-bit signed integer. Or you can set 16 bit. I’ll save the 32-bit recording for when my hardware supports it and I have a multiprocessor setup which can handle the conversion more efficiently.
@Martin Sukale: I know you said you were also having problems importing, and you’ve tried changing the sample rate with no success. Maybe try starting a new project, setting the sample rate to 16, and THEN try to import a 16 bit wav file. Otherwise, there’s got to be something up with your software configuration somewhere (obviously). I can’t give you any solid advice, except what I would do: just keep playing around with settings until you notice a change. I’d experiment more with different bit rates, hopefully that’s the problem, I’m sure it’s not your hardware (you’re running a faster system than I am). Good luck!