Performance and software

I have a few questions regarding performance issues and configuring other software. I am having some performance issues and my Ardour complaints that I have not enabled unlimited memory. How do I do this?

The seccond questions is about configuring other software, mainly I would like to configure Analog lab. Is it possible to configure Analog lab on Ardour?

I am also wondering if it is possible to configure Analog lab in Linux Manjaro? I have not figured out how to change audio settings in Analog lab Manjaro. I am currently running the program through Wine. Does anyone know how to fix Analog lab Manjaro?

On Manjaro install realtime-privileges package then add yourself to the realtime group:


Log out/in or possibly reboot…

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Here is the recipe I use to set up Manjaro settings for Ardour.

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Thank you for the answers! I recently switched to Debian, but I am sure someone else will have use of this in the future.

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