Pen to edit the waveform

I think it would be very wel with a pen to edit the waveform. Nuendo, cubase, protools have it and it’s very useful to have this tool in the sequencer instead of using an other software to edit the waveform.

It would be nice, but the devs have generally dismissed that idea since they are interersted in creating a DAW that is strictly non-descructive.

I’m sure there are ways to make it non-destructive though.

I’d like to second that. Alterations at each Sample would be useful. Also, you need to be able to zoom in more, so each sample has a tick in the ruler.

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You might not have noticed that this is a 13 year old thread. You can take the passing of time since it was originally posted as evidence that we’re not likely to do this. That’s a job for an audio file editor, which is a different workflow and tool requirements than a DAW.


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