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Windigo is the first completed song for a 15 song Peeled Alive album. It will be included on a compilation album I’m producing titled Step Up to The MIC, Mirror Image Compilation.

Recording and mix production were done using Ardour/Mixbus. Mastering is done using T-Racks–checking out the competition.

Ron Parker
Mirror Image Studio
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I did ‘lame --noreplaygain IN OUT’. Not sure what I think of replaygain. The original encoding was reducing my percieved loudness by -5.5db which is seems radical.

sounds really good! T-Racks is hard to beat for ease of use. I used it for years (actually I’ve only very recently moved away from it). If you’re interested in using linux, I suggest trying the vc2 compressor with jamin to achieve a very similar sound to that which you may find in T-Racks. It does take a bit more work, however. Nonetheless, although I don’t personally play this style much (anymore ;-), this is a great example of what’s possible with Ardour.

Keep up the good work

Hi Dick,

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve mastered albums and participated in JAMin development since its inception but there’s a couple problems with it on Mac/intel; a, OSC doesn’t work and b, the release of JAMin I got from Seablade clips. Unfortunately I don’t have time to care about these issues or to maintain a dedicated Linux mastering computer. After many years of splitting my energy between tech issues and music I’m focused on producing music.

JAMin is a fine mastering solution and I happily used it for many start-to-finish albums. Combined with Ardour Locations I never needed anything else. Oh well! Moving on.

Ron Parker