Peavey StudioMix Control Surface Map

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I was gifted a Peavey StudioMix control surface that I would like to integrate with my Ardour/Ubuntu Studio DAW. This unit has a collection of motorized faders, rotary encoders, buttons, and a jog wheel, and it outputs MIDI data in NPRN format. I thought this might be a good opportunity to learn how to develop a custom MIDI map in Ardour, but before doing so I wanted check here and see if anyone has already done so? Are there other existing maps that would make for a good starting point?

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There are no existing maps that are particularly related to what you’ll need here, but any of them can form a very basic skeleton.

I’m not 100% sure how well we handle NRPNs, but I’d also be surprised if it was really NRPN … I have/had a Peavy PC1600X, a sort-of-successor to this device, and there were lots of options.

Thank you for the prompt reply! My initial tests confirm that the unit is sending NRPN data, and this is confirmed in the article linked in my first post. There is a custom chip set available that will provide additional configuration options, but there doesn’t appear to be any such options in the stock unit.

I’m going to embark on this Ardour MIDI Map project, and I will share my results in the following link, just in case anyone else is looking for this in the future:

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