Peak view


Ardour 0.99.2 always messes up the peaks of my waveforms… How do I convince Ardour to show the right ones?

When I delete the “peaks” folder and start my ardour sessions afterwards, ardour takes a while to create the peaks of my 10 tracks. After a few minutes of work I see the waveform of a tom in the guitar track or/and I see sometimes nothing even if there’s something playing. The music is playing great, but I need also to “see” what I’m doing.

Has anyone similar experiences?


p.s.: I’m always complaing… but I love ardour. I want it to be very succesful and love to tell my friends that I record in Linux :wink: At the time everything works for me I’ll donate of course to this great project.

From memory there was a bug of some sort, related to this problem that would almost definitely be fixed in 0.99.3. You really should upgrade to 0.99.3 as significant changes were made, and it is by far the most stable and complete ardour that is currently available. After upgrading you may well decide that ardour is worth giving money to now! If not, then by the time ardour2 makes beta, it’ll probably change your mind…