PayPal constrain

Apparently it’s not possible to download the full version of Ardour if my PayPal account is empty.

From my understanding, in order to have some money into my PayPal account, I need to make a bank transfer from my current account. In this way I’ll be charged from my bank, and I don’t want to give easy money to banks.

Is there any workaround to this?

@ rippeltippel

Does your bank issue you a “check card” as a debit card? Almost every bank in the U.S. (and europe?) does if you have a checking account and it basically works as a Visa/Mastercard except it links to checking instead of a line of credit.

@rippeltippel: sorry, there isn’t. The reason for this is fairly straightforward: PayPal tell us not to actually “ship” products to customers who pay via an eCheck until the check clears. Since the download system is built around the “instant download after payment” model, there really isn’t a way around. Adding the code to support tracking eCheck clearing is not impossible but its non-trivial, and this would be the only way that you could pay and then come back a few days later and start the download.

I just had the same problem the other day. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to donate another $5 to actually get a download link this time :slight_smile:

It would have been grand if I had noticed that message…

EDIT: Also, I love you for having only a “preview” button after first writing a comment. I can think of a few sites that could benefit from that idea…

Quick update: Flattr ( has officially opened to the public… today! Just in case the Ardour Team is still considering this option.

And NO, I don’t work for Flattr :wink: actually I’ve never used it, but it looks like a good thing.