Payment question (a different one)

I made a one time payment for Ardour 7 and was intending to do so again for Ardour 8. So I was very surprised that I was just able to download Ardour 8 without additional payment.
Is this intended behaviour? If so, thanks, I will give a donation. If not, thanks anyway, and I will happily pay again.


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maybe you payed 45$ or more? Than Ardour 8 and Updates would be included.

“If you choose to pay US$45 or more: get the current version, updates and the next major version, plus access to nightly (development) builds.” (Downloads page)


The rare case, when reading the fineprint reveals additional benefits :smiley:
A rather incredible amount of value for my money.

So, many thanks to the amazing Ardour Devs and merry christmas for everyone!

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