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Hi All, I downloaded a copy of Ardour in early January & made, what I thought was, a one-off payment. The payment has gone out again in February, so it seems I set up a regular monthly payment by mistake. I can’t seem to make changes at my bank or at Paypal. Any advice, please. Many thanks.

Hi, usually you can cancel monthly payments on To do so, click on the last payment to ardour and click on “manage payments to ardour” or something similar. I see it in german here.

Good luck!

@knife - Thanks for the reply.

Actually I closed the Paypal account in question in early January - so I’m not sure why a request for payment has gone out to my bank.

Have completely deleted my install of Ardour. Hopefully a third payment will not be requested by Ardour next month. :crossed_fingers: :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

The payment and subscription is a contract between paypal and you. You agreed to transfer a given amount to paypal, which is eventually forwarded to

Ardour has no control over this, nor does the presence of the program on your system have any influence on this.

The only person who can cancel the subscription is you, usually by visiting following URL:

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